Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cold Toes

My toes are cold and I love it! I love putting on cushy socks and snuggling. I love looking out at my copper Japanese maple as I curl up in front of a warm laptop with the Blues Brothers snoozing around me. I love the sharp, bright autumnal sunlight cutting through the clear crisp air. (Except when I'm driving after hard day staying late at school and it cuts through the supposed protection of the filtered windshield, I and my dark Italian movie star oversized sunglasses and zaps into the back of my eyeball, causing my retina to explode into Zambelli-mixed colors that I can enjoy while I try to get home safely.) This is the middle of my favorite time of year, and I'm groovin'!
A word about the title of this blog...
I just always loved the goofy idea of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit being something I wanted, but could not always handle. It's that struggle with the desire for grace in this cracked pot that made me dream up the name Lamb'sBreath. Then I try to Google my blog (oh, come on EVERYBODY Googles themselves!) and I discover that Lamb's Breath is a term for hallucinogenic smoke! It's a pothead movement!!! It's a label for organized loopiness! Oh nooooooo! What a disaster, and I thought I was being so original. ~sigh~
Truly, there is nothing new under the sun, and I'm just PROVING that each time I think I'm such a smartypants, I fall flat. Well, giggle all you want, I will not accept your pity! Unless it comes in the form of monetary assistance or helpful editing/creative advice!

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~liz said...

i found your blog! spread the word and keeping writing!!!!