Monday, August 25, 2008

An Unexpected Gift

I had no idea...
In the days before I'm scheduled to lead worship, I've got the song list rattling around in my head, rolling it around on the soundtrack of my life. I get to hear things God might be saying in my life through those songs that week, and I get a picture of how I think the songs might sound on Sunday. Might, just might. Just a picture.
And then this morniing we start 'Unchanging' with electric guitar and bass. Such instruments in the sanctuary would have sent the congregation into a shocked pout ten or even five years ago. But something wonderful happened.
Ben and Lex began a spin for me to float on the likes of which could otherwise only have come from Adam Clayton and the Edge. And I just rose. Up to God.

And I got to be Bono.

Of course the congregation came right along with us. Further up and further in. I knew they would. It was a sight and sound to behold.

I'm still giddy about it at one o'clock in the next morning.
Thanks guys.
Thanks, God.